The new carbon fiber-polycarbonate composite

Carbon is now used in many areas of our lives, especially in so-called high-tech areas such as space travel or motor sports, especially wherever weight savings combined with unlimited stability are important.

We at KHS have already been using fiber-reinforced plastics for the production of watch cases in recent years. We have now further developed this housing material, which has already been tried and tested thousands of times, with a new material mix, we call it NEOCARB®.

The new KHS NEOCARB® is six times lighter than stainless steel and even three times lighter than titanium. The additional performance of NEOCARB®, such as extremely high scratch resistance, absolute corrosion resistance, antimagnetism, cold and heat resistance and anti-allergenic properties, also speak for NEOCARB® as a new high-tech material for upcoming KHS military and emergency watches.

NEOCARB® is currently used in the KHS model series SHOOTER MKII and REAPER MKII, in conjunction with Swiss watch movements and Swiss Trigalights® (tritium gas light lamps).