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KHS Patch-Wall | 200 cm x 100 cm

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Technical data

Discover the high-quality KHS Patch walls - they are suitable for displaying, storing, collecting and professionally presenting patches, ID patches, morale patches and fun patches. Also available in very large sizes at KHS, the largest KHS Patch wall is 2.00 x 1.00 m, which is larger than a standard room door!

Instead of cheaper plastic eyelets, black metal eyelets were used in the production of the KHS Patch walls. All side edges of the Patch walls are also lined with a robust nylon edging tape, so that the nylon fleece fabric on the front and the nylon fabric on the back cannot unintentionally unravel on the sides. The KHS Patch walls are deep black and made entirely of real nylon. In short, the KHS Patch walls are manufactured in the usual high KHS quality, which justifies the slightly higher price.

Made from real nylon.

200 cm x 100 cm.

375 g.

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