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GTC and Information

General buyer information in distance selling and e-commerce, including Conditions 

KHS e.K. - www.khs.net


1. Scope 

2. Contractor 

3. Customer service hours 

4. Conclusion of contract / correcting of errors 

5. Prices and shipping costs 

6. Payment 

7. Delivery

8. Transport damage 

9. Storage of the order contract

10. Warranty / Guarantee 

11. Final Provisions 


1. Scope 

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between us and our customers in the online shop

www.khs.net, unless otherwise agreed or prescribed by law.

2. Contractor 

The purchase contract is made with KHS e.K., represented by Olaf Schmiemann, Gewerbeallee 4, 45478 Mülheim /



3. Customer service hours 

You can reach our customer service for consultation, questions and problem solving:  

Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 

Fax: +49 (0) 208 883 6969 7

Email: info@khs.net 


4. Conclusion of contract

The product illustrations in the online shop constitute a solicitation of an offer to buy. Individual products can be purchased by clicking the button "Add to cart" to your shopping cart and they can also be removed by the delete function. Errors can be corrected at any time before completing the ordering process by means of the usual keyboard and mouse functions. By entering your personal data and clicking the button "binding order", which is the final step of the ordering process, confirms a binding order for the goods contained in the basket to be delivered. 

The confirmation of receipt of the order is carried out immediately after the sending by e-mail. This does not constitute acceptance of the contract. The acceptance of the contract takes place by the delivery of the goods within five days. If you did not receive the item(s) within five days, or the order confirmation of the delivery of goods, you are no longer bound to your order. Errors can be detected and corrected before the final offer is made by checking the summary order and correcting it by using the "Back" button of the browser to restore the previous page. 


5. Prices and delivery charges 

The product prices off the site are the end prices. They are required by law to contain the value added tax and other price components.

Delivery charges are shown seperately. The exact amount delivery charges are shown in the ordering process and they are also able to be read in the tables under the link Delivery Charges.

For deliveries outside of the EU there may be additional customs fees and taxes. More information about possible incurring customs and taxes can be found under

ec.europa.eu/taxation_custom s/index_en.htm

For detailed information about the import tax, please visit: 

Information about the import regulations to Switzerland can be found at:

Please note: The estimated delivery time given is excluding weekends and public holidays in Northrine-Westphalia as there is no shipping on these days. Up until 3 pm the day before a public holiday and on the public holidays itself, express shipping is not available and will not be regarded.


6. Payment methods

You have the following payment options:

- Bank Transfer

- PayPal 

- Credit card

- Cash on delivery

With the Payment options of a Bank Transfer, PayPal or credit card, payment is due immediately after the order is finished. Upon receipt of the purchase price, the delivery of the product to the customer is carried out. Unless you pay via PayPal or by credit card, the amount will be debited from your account after the order is finished.

When paying by COD there is an additional fee of 5.00 euros. This is due upon delivery of the goods to you or an authorized representative and is jointly paid with the purchase price to the shipping company. 


7. Delivery

Delivery is by mail order to the delivery address you specify. Delivery time please refer to the times shown in the respective product you have chosen.


8. Transport damage

If you have received a product that have obviously be damaged during delivery please direct your complaints to the delivery company immediately as well as notifing us. Delivery damages are not covered by our warranty and when we are aware of delivery damages then we are able to correct the problems through the delivery service. 

9. Storage of the order contract

We do save your order data and the binding order text. Upon completion of the order, the contract, for security reasons, is no longer accessible over the Internet. You can cancel your order using the following steps given under cancellation available on the website. Through the printing function of your browser you have the ability to store the text itself. The terms and conditions on this page can be printed or saved at any time. After completion of the order, the order data and the terms and conditions as well cancellation terms, will be sent via email. 


10. Warranty / Guarantee

The warranty falls within the scope of statutory provisions for currently 24 months / 2 years from the date of purchase. We provide an additional warranty on our KHS tungsten carbide rings. Regarding the KHS tungsten carbide rings, we grant a 25 years warranty for breakage or scratches of the tungsten carbide. However, this warranty does not include or extend to the black IP coating which may evenually wear down with regular wearing of the ring.

You can contact our service at any time in the case of any defects of our KHS products. Within the warranty period, our services will be carried out when they fall within the scope of the statutory provisions.


11. Final Provisions

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and do follow the rules of the UN purchasing law. For consumers these cases of law apply only in so far as, that you mav be deprived of your more favorable provisions of the law of the country in which you have your residence. The contract language is German. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions are shown be invalid under another country’s terms, the contract shall still remain valid.

In the case of invalid provisions they will be replaced by statutory provisions.

The EU Commission platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform) can be accessed via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ 

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January 2018