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A useful piece of equipment with a built-in H3 tritium gas light source.

TRIGATAG® Cartridge | Cal. 5.56 x 45
TRIGATAG® Cartridge | Cal. 5.56 x 45
TRIGATAG® Cartridge | Cal. 5.56 x 45
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TRIGATAG® Cartridge | Cal. 5.56 x 45 | Item no.: KHS.TTBUL3.SR1
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TRIGATAG® Cartridge | Cal. 5.56 x 45 with Key Ring

Item no.: KHS.TTBUL3.SR1
Delivery time 1 - 3 days
19,- Euro VAT included

Outside EU no VAT: 15,97 Euro

Shipping not included

  • + Cartridge type Cal. 5.56 x 45 
    + Easy to see in the dark

    Cartridge type Cal. 5.56 x 45
    The size and shape of this KHS TRIGATAG® Cartridge are modelled after the original Caliber 5.56 x45 (official NATO type designation).

    Easy to see in the dark
    Built in the KHS Trigatag is an original H3 Trigalight, which is permanently lit without needing another additional energy source to charge it.

  • Case



    • KHS TRIGATAG® Cartridge Cal. 5.56 x 45
      Made of heavy stainless steel to last for eternity - the new shell-shaped KHS TRIGATAG® Cartridge, of course equipped with a permanently lit Trigalight.  The KHS TRIGATAG® Cartridge was milled from a monoblock of heavy stainless steel, fitted with a H3 Tritium gas light and then sandblasted. Either usable as a cool pendant or for marking gear or personal items, making them easy to find in absolute darkness. The size and shape were modelled roughly after the original NATO Caliber 5.56 x 45.
      Please note: this TRIGATAG® Cartridge is not a real shell, neither is it a buffer cartridge. Please DO NOT insert the KHS TRIGATAG® Cartridge into the cartridge chamber, as this can cause severe damage to the weapon. You can now order a heavy, robust marking tool with an exceptional shape for a very attractive price!

    • Material
      Case: Stainless steel, sandblasted.

    • Function
      The H3-Marker allows itself to be easily found in the dark, making it useful as a marker for keys, knives, flashlights, torches etc.

    • Features
      - The stainless steel case is milled from a single block of material
      - It is water and damp resistant
      - Easily seen in the dark through the original H3 Trigalight®
      - The key ring used for attachment is included in delivery
      - Available with different attachement options
      - The KHS name brand and type designation are engraved using a high quality laser

    • Illumination
      H3 gaslight lamp | Trigalight®

    • Dimensions
      57,5 mm (Lenght), 9,5 mm (Diameter)

    • Weight
      19 g.

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